As I look back……….


Christmas is fast approaching again and i just want to be caught up in the frenzy of it all. I  remember as a chid how we all looked forward to christmas. Hmmmmm……….new shoes, new dresses (amazing dresses by the way, with full ball and sometimes fringes), how we would try out our clothes and having it neatly kept back just after trying to avoid it being stained or unevenly tampered with.

How about fixing up the christmas trees and wall decorations, the lighting and all. It was soooo much fun! Filled with so much happiness and longing. The expectancy of it all was the sweetest part of it, the preparation put in place. The way we all gathered around the big bowl of hot water trying to pluck out the feathers of the chicken we would eat on that christmas day, Ohhhhhh…….the midnight mass! If you didn’t go for the vigil mass for Christmas then Christmas wasn’t complete! Our Choir was always superb! The St. Teresa’s Choir! They gave us nothing short of the best!

I remember how sad i used to be as the day draws close to an end just like every other day, this day too was made to last for 24 hours. I would look up the clock and say ” Oh! Its all over” but then i would console myself by saying the New year Celebrations will be on in a week’s time. That was something to look forward to for sure as i make my way to the toilet for the umpteenth time due to the fact that i would simply have overfed myself!

Sometimes, i really want to be a child again but then you look back and you remember how you so longed to be an adult and simply couldn’t wait! Wanting to be like one aunty or the other,talk like her, walk like her, do like her…….Waoh! 

Enjoy every moment you’ve got now! This too shall pass and someday be just a memory!

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Laziness is a sin!

Laziness is a sin ohhhhhh…….. because I don’t have an excuse for not blogging for sooooo soo long! Longer than I can remember. I don’t know why I find it much easier sitting back, relaxing and reading some other people’s works when I  have got the time or just sneaking into lindaikeji’s or stella dimoko korkus’s blog for some little gossip. Reading without commenting because its just too much work trying to upload a comment. Half of the time I am reading about people I don’t know, who I haven’t met, who do not even know if I exist or not , most times celebrities, other time celebrity – wannabee. All in all, girls just like to gossip and maybe feel like you have the latest gist in town. I can’t help laughing at myself as I think about it, and to think that I have introduced my girlfriends and even my hubby is a bigger joke in itself.

If I could use half of that time spent on writing something meaningful here that will impact on the lives of people and also removing the doubt or do I call it fear that not many people will get to read it…..LOL. It reminds me of what I just read from a sister’s blog Toks. Who asked that we should please remember to drop a comment in the box only reminds me that I am human in having that longing also.

Cheers people! I have enjoyed typing and writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading too? Do come by next time and I hope I will have something more constructive  and meaningful……Hahahaaaa.!!!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy this jokes I lifted from Stella’s blog!


joke missed period![1]                                                amaka begi begi[1]

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Stages – Haiku

The struggles The tears The reward!

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Wedding Invitation

The past week for me has been something else with less than a month to my wedding. Its been filled with activity of wedding preparations and its really been no joke.
I can’t put down anything for long due to lack of composure partly and also because there is so much to be done and so little time to do it.
I will like to invite you to visit my wedding site and feed your eyes with the pictures in our photo album . Our walk on this love journey #smiles and don’t forget to sign our guest book before you leave the site.
We love to hear from you!!!!
Site link is

Do keep us in your prayers too.

Love always,


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No place to hide

I saw the white box been lowered gently into the dug hole
I wanted to pretend its not true
So I told myself when granny died
It was not to be
’cause I never again saw her
I turned away in pain
There is no hiding from this one.

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Poverty – Haiku

Arms folded crossed chest
Legs spread outstretched
Poverty, a stone throw away.

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Myopic – Haiku

Eyes covered in huge glasses
Mind as blurred as black clouds

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