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I am Guilty!

I am so so guilty of following the trend especially on this one. I am currently carrying or dorning it’s more like it, a brazillian weave on. Boy, does it generate heat? No joke especially under this hot weather condition … Continue reading

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Do you know what time it is that am here sitting in front of my computer…..Sorry, my brother’s computer typing this post for what seemed to be the third time as the system keeps hanging as a result of “I … Continue reading

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The Versatile Award

Hmmm….ok! I’m nominated for the versatile award and i only just started blogging and truth be told i never thought anyone would read them at the beginning but then i just wrote and am amazed and appreciative that i have … Continue reading

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Trying times!

It is in the deepest and lowest points in our lives, we get the greatest meaningsĀ and hear that which we would never have heard in the midst of so much noise and frenzy. It is at this point i for … Continue reading

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Forgotten Birthdays!!!

Every human no matter how harsh or hardened, needas some love, some appreciation, some hugs just to let them know they are loved and appreciated. No better time than on a friend’s birthday and even if they are not remembered … Continue reading

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The Beautiful Realization!

Okay so how do i start? I was going through my things, clearing up my room this morning, the cupboards and wardrobes only to find a bag containing old weavons and wigs that i had kept or saved for the … Continue reading

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e-kasi: Our stories!

We struggle and fight for wealth and possessions especially when coming from a background of have-not. It is hard not to fight to have and when we do have, we never want to go back to where we are coming … Continue reading

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