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Happy New year (Reflections)

For some reason not known to me, am so happy and excited this evening and i don’t know if it’s because it is the end of the year or if am just plain happy that i am finally using a … Continue reading

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In the Spirit of Christmas!

What is love if not for a little incovenience? A little pain to us sometimes? Isn’t friendship meant to make us absorb a little incovenience, bear a little pain, make that extra mile even though it is killing us inside. … Continue reading

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A Full Time Job!

Whoever said being a wife and a mother is not a full time job? I thought so myself then but that was then and am so so wrong…… My younger brothers came over to my house a few weeks back … Continue reading

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  Open your doors to the joy of christmas Open your hearts Let love in Let joy flow Let peace calm The troubled waters Let it be washed away with the tides Let the joy of christmas in First in … Continue reading

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Dec 6tth! My Birthday!

Yesterday December 6th was my birthday. I had fun! I had family and friends stop by and it was so so mice because i wasn’t really expecting people as such and being that i had not been paid yet for … Continue reading

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Paths Not Taken…… Choices we make!

That which never was….                                         Do you sometimes sit back and reflect on the paths you never actually took? That which you didn’t venture into? A love that died and simply went away and probably didn’t love you back or a … Continue reading

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That’s a new one. This one is being practiced by my neighbor (I know he is not reading this…lol) but isn’t this crazy that my neighbor puts on his generator all through the night even on nights when NEPA finally … Continue reading

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