Paths Not Taken…… Choices we make!

That which never was….                                        

Do you sometimes sit back and reflect on the paths you never actually took? That which you didn’t venture into? A love that died and simply went away and probably didn’t love you back or a relationship you both parted ways though deeply in love (or maybe you thought so) and then just a little mishap, you both parted ways probably because someone would not say “sorry”. I mean they wronged you and they should say “sorry” but that never was as he/she never did apologize and so out of pride you hurt but yet you let it go and told yourself that wasn’t for you even if you were torn apart inside and slowly, silently, you watched it crumble right before your eyes.

That which never was, paths we never took which remained a choice in our lives, a personal one at that which no one would make for us but which we would contemplate on and decide if we wanted to or not.

Sometimes I sit back and think about decisions I didn’t make which were options and then I wonder if that decision I took which looked so right at that time really was RIGHT! Does this happen to you too?

I think about an old flame that never completely burnt out and if we would ever had made it through only if I was patient enough, only if I was more understanding. I won’t call this regrets. I would call this reflections!           

And then career choices we made between that which we loved and desired and that which we had to do because our parents demanded for it and felt it was “more socially acceptable” and so as “The Good Daughter” who won’t let Papa down you decided to so he could pat you at the back on graduation and say “My daughter, you’ve done me proud!”.

Do you think about that time when you saved all of your money and really really wanted to buy yourself a car at least as a reward for yourself after much hardwork and then your husband walks into the plan only to convince you to invest into his plan afterall you are both living together into the future and then all your dreams of yourself in that ‘flying car’ you promised yourself faded right before your eyes as you made that compromise. Just this once you said and now you save and you are still saving to buy that car for yourself.

Life and the choices that we make! Some for good, Some not so good! Some that leave us feeling down and out! Some that lift us beyond where our dreams had taken us.

Take the right choice today and for the wrong choices, let go and leave God!





About Nita's Own Little Space.....

I am a blogger. I love to write. It is one of the most beautiful ways that life has given to me to express how i feel, how i see life. A way to confirm my most innermost and deepest feelings and also what seem so shallow. I just love to write, it is more easier than talking!!!
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One Response to Paths Not Taken…… Choices we make!

  1. I think about stuff like this all the time!

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