Dec 6tth! My Birthday!

Yesterday December 6th was my birthday. I had fun! I had family and friends stop by and it was so so mice because i wasn’t really expecting people as such and being that i had not been paid yet for the last month so i have been complaining that i got no money but at the end i just wanted to celebrate. First, to thank God for his mercies, for adding another year is not an easy joke! It’s not by our power but sometimes we tend to take it for granted as if we have the power to stay alive and secondly, i just wanted to have fun afterall it’s amlmost the end of the year. I have worked hard through the year (Uhun……. I’m rolling my eyes now) and i deserve to cool off a bit. Christmas for me starts with my birthday so officially, we are counting down for christmas!
To all of my WordPress Family, since you couldn’t be a part, i will share the pictures! Enjoy!!!!!







About Nita's Own Little Space.....

I am a blogger. I love to write. It is one of the most beautiful ways that life has given to me to express how i feel, how i see life. A way to confirm my most innermost and deepest feelings and also what seem so shallow. I just love to write, it is more easier than talking!!!
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17 Responses to Dec 6tth! My Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday!! Today is my birthday! Your cake looks delicious!

  2. Happy belated birthday and great photos! The cake looks yummy, too! 🙂

  3. OMG that cake is big! Wow! glad you had fun hehe 🙂


  5. granbee says:

    Sugah, I would encourage you to add this wordpress site to your Gravata profile. Fortunately, I found this from your tweets! Happiest of Birthdays (you have a wonderful looking group of supporters there!) and a fantastic writing and blogging year! Welcome,again, to

    • I like the way you called me sugah! Sounds really nice. Thank you for your suggestion. I will carry it out as suggested. Its a good one, didn’t even think about it. That’s why they say ‘two good heads are better than one” and thank u for following also!

  6. Happy Birthday! May God bless you with properity and much more 🙂

  7. LADI says:

    This is wonderful!!!

  8. Happy Birthday. Looks like it was a day of fun and lots of love from friends and family. Wishing you lots of love, peace , good health and joy . Merry Christmas. Hope this award would do as a gift….

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