In the Spirit of Christmas!

What is love if not for a little incovenience? A little pain to us sometimes? Isn’t friendship meant to make us absorb a little incovenience, bear a little pain, make that extra mile even though it is killing us inside. I am so sick of people who say they are your friends and are never there in the moments when we need them the most. Is it in sickness? When you need that encouraging face just beside you. To encourage you to pull through                                                                                                           .

What about in moments when you just need someone to listen to you while you blab on and on. It’s really about nothing but you just want to let loose and someone to listen.                                


Please, don’t tell me you love me if you would take a swift drive when the temptations of life come. Don’t tell me you love me if you know the calls would suddenly stop at that point when all that i need is that voice to aid me through.

      The word “Love” has been bastardised. It has been misused and killed. The love that i have inside of me is what i have decided to share with those who will appreciaten it, those who need it even more than i do,those who i can see the love in their eyes even as their mouths might fail to express. The motherless children, the aged and widowed, those who have been forgotten and rejected by their very own, those who won’t throw your love back at your face. Go out this christmas and show love to these ones even if you feel so empty inside and all left alone. If you shared with them not  just money and gifts only but also your time which is highly valuable and will be appreciated!

         Just yesterday someone wrote into a program on TV saying he felt so less fulfilled despite all he had which was more than he had had in time past. According to him, he had more money now, more cars and investments but less joy and he felt more empty inside than he had ever felt. He wanted answers, he wanted love, he wanted all the things which money cannot buy. If i was the host of that program, this is what i would have told him, “Instead of searching for that acceptance and love, why don’t you give this love out to these ones who desire it the most and only the joy and spark in their eyes would ignite you and fill the void in you”.

       I’m talking so much from experience here and so in the spirit of xmas.Give and give and give! Please, don’t stop! And the love of christ which goes beyond human understanding will fill your hearts with so much joy, brighten your days and give you lasting peace which the world cannot give.                                                                            


        Peace………………………………………..I’m outta here!




About Nita's Own Little Space.....

I am a blogger. I love to write. It is one of the most beautiful ways that life has given to me to express how i feel, how i see life. A way to confirm my most innermost and deepest feelings and also what seem so shallow. I just love to write, it is more easier than talking!!!
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7 Responses to In the Spirit of Christmas!

  1. Beautifully said, Nita! What u doing for Christmas?? Working? Whatever u do I wish you a merry xmas in advance! Your present is in a container on its way to you, lol!

  2. granbee says:

    I have been struggling with this issue of finding people to show love by listening, just listening, for about 60 years now! I am always told it is my own fault because I don’t “get to the point” quickly enough. True, I do have a few folk in my life who are gifted listeners and I rejoice in them. We writers, nita, DO seem to have greater verbal needs than others. That is why we need to kneel down and give thanks for the gift of this wonderful blogging community this Christmas! And I treasure your snowy cabin photo! (I thought I was following your blog, but I had not reset the “follow by email button” properly. Now I have done so!)

    • Oh granbee! You are making me smile so much. Its good to know you are following me now and you got to know where to click (it could be difficult atimes but now I know what to do too ’cause same thing has happened to me).
      Thanks for liking the photo. Credit goes to the site I got it from. I will have to check the site name. I live in Nigeria and it doesn’t snow here……lol
      Have a merry xmas granbee!

  3. jhasmoments says:

    Happy Holidays!!! : ) I hope it is full of happiness. : )

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