I’m sooooooo “officially” engaged!!!!!!!!

i got engaged on saurday the 14th July 2012 and did it come as a surprise to me? Oh yes it did even if he had been making some snide remarks prior to my travelling but that is not a proposal in itself and i have never been proposed to in my life before.

Well, well, well…. I had travelled for about ten days of which we chatted frequently and spent time on the phone talking. Not so long as usual but we made up the lost time by chatting.

He came to the airport to pick me up and we went first to my house to drop my things andthen to his. He had a shy smile on his face as he kept urging me to go and take a bath  so i could rest and i finally obliged him.

I had soap on my face so i couldn’t see him when he came in and i screamed out when i opened my eyes and saw him on his knees and he started telling me how he loved me, how i am the best woman for him and in my heart of hearts i said ” He can’t be proposing”. This didn’t seem to be the right place or time but i was there smiling and laughing at the same time with my mouth open in surprise till he said “Please now, answer me so i can get up”. I smiled and said “Yes!”

This is my beautiful story with a man i have come to love and see as a friend, brother and confidante. Imperfectly Perfect but just fine!


P.S – I sent this photo to my friend in the UK and she says the engagement ring should be on the “ring” finger that is the finger before the “pinkie” finger but then that’s the way we do it here. I googled it and she’s right though but then, much ado about the “right” or “wrong” finger. Lol! I’m good, i’m happy, I’m blessed and proud.

May the lord who has done this beautiful thing, do the same to you singles out there.

Love, hugs, kisses, blessings…..XX


About Nita's Own Little Space.....

I am a blogger. I love to write. It is one of the most beautiful ways that life has given to me to express how i feel, how i see life. A way to confirm my most innermost and deepest feelings and also what seem so shallow. I just love to write, it is more easier than talking!!!
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18 Responses to I’m sooooooo “officially” engaged!!!!!!!!

  1. Yay for you!!! I’m so happy like a kid opening her first Christmas present…grinning from ear to ear too! Wedding tinz…Chop time! Lol 😀

  2. granbee says:

    I AM BEYOND EXCITED FOR YOU, Margaret. This is an answer to prayers for you I have been sharing in my prayer circle (nothing specific, just “praying for Margaret, Rose’s friend! )

  3. aame says:

    Aaaah God Bless u both sweetie !!!! Wishing a very happy and fulfilling life together !!! Congrats !!!

  4. This is such wonderful news! Congratulations to you both! 🙂 xo

  5. Sisiekomi says:

    Congrats! Wish you all the best!

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  6. A big congratulations
    I pray that the joy you feel will continue to multiply as the marriage grows. Amen

  7. Congrats, do keep us posting! God Bless You Both! 🙂

  8. willofheart says:

    I am really late for this but anyway Congratulations and wishing you both the best…. God Bless…. 🙂

  9. jhasmoments says:

    Congrats to you Nita!! 🙂
    I hope life is full of joy and many blessings for you 🙂

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