Laziness is a sin!

Laziness is a sin ohhhhhh…….. because I don’t have an excuse for not blogging for sooooo soo long! Longer than I can remember. I don’t know why I find it much easier sitting back, relaxing and reading some other people’s works when I  have got the time or just sneaking into lindaikeji’s or stella dimoko korkus’s blog for some little gossip. Reading without commenting because its just too much work trying to upload a comment. Half of the time I am reading about people I don’t know, who I haven’t met, who do not even know if I exist or not , most times celebrities, other time celebrity – wannabee. All in all, girls just like to gossip and maybe feel like you have the latest gist in town. I can’t help laughing at myself as I think about it, and to think that I have introduced my girlfriends and even my hubby is a bigger joke in itself.

If I could use half of that time spent on writing something meaningful here that will impact on the lives of people and also removing the doubt or do I call it fear that not many people will get to read it…..LOL. It reminds me of what I just read from a sister’s blog Toks. Who asked that we should please remember to drop a comment in the box only reminds me that I am human in having that longing also.

Cheers people! I have enjoyed typing and writing this and I hope you have enjoyed reading too? Do come by next time and I hope I will have something more constructive  and meaningful……Hahahaaaa.!!!!!

Meanwhile, enjoy this jokes I lifted from Stella’s blog!


joke missed period![1]                                                amaka begi begi[1]


About Nita's Own Little Space.....

I am a blogger. I love to write. It is one of the most beautiful ways that life has given to me to express how i feel, how i see life. A way to confirm my most innermost and deepest feelings and also what seem so shallow. I just love to write, it is more easier than talking!!!
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2 Responses to Laziness is a sin!

  1. Hi Nita,
    I did enjoy your post and it’s good to see you, too! I can’t believe it’s been over 2 years for me, but it’s been a fun journey all along…anyway, loved the jokes, especially the first one and I wish you a wonderful Friday and weekend! Lauren 🙂

  2. By the way, it’s okay to be lazy; it’s good for us to take a break from everything, including technology, once in awhile. So continue enjoying! xx

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