A Mother’s Love!

Who can beat a mother’s love?Who can beat her endless sacrifices?   A mother’s love knows no bounds. This is not an exaggeration.

I have had to act as mother a few times while growing up been the first child and only daughter. I get to be the mother more often right now as a grown up and this is only a “partial” way of been a mother. LOL!

Why am i writing this? While cooking a few days ago after being hit by a raving hunger,despite the fact i was so hungry i couldn’t be the first to eat. I had to dish for everyone first before eating. At the end of the day, what is left to eat is “bottom pot”.

When i first started cooking and my mom taught me i couldn’t serve myself first that i had to serve the household first before eating. It was such a tough lesson to learn!

This is just a”small” part of the sacrifice that a mother pays for her children. Is it the sleepless nights she has had to cradle her baby at her breast even though she still has to go to work the next day? The plight of working mothers!!!

What about the sacrifice of a Mother who has to give up her dreams, her career and life entirely for her child. Seeing to his/ her welfare, healthwise and all.

Who can beat a mother’s love? Who can beat her close and earnest devotion? A mother’s love is supreme!

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The Lord is still King – Haiku

Through the darkest nights
Through the stormy winds
The lord is still KING!

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In a false world???

I encountered a friend of mine online and we got talking  chatting. Normal girl – girl talk and gists. How she will be getting married soon and i said “I will be doing same” ( That’s the new hot topic by the way). How she wants me to be part of the friends that will be coming for the formal introduction by the families and that’s how we proceeded from one level of gist to another until she got to this point where she told me marriage is like a business or contract these days and i asked why she said so . She then told me that no man goes for a liability these days. They want a working class wife or a business person that will not be entirely dependent on them for their survival and a woman too will be on the lookout if he is a man who can fully cater for her and her unborn children, if it is somewhere she can gain something from then she’s all games and if not then she’s backing out. I told her” No! That’s not a good reason to be married”.

She told me i was only living in a false world thinking marriage is all about whether you both love each other or not. That there’s more to it that meets the eye.

I wondered to myself if truly getting married with this kind of reasoning at the back of one’s mind is anything to go by. Is that journey worth embarking at all? Especially given the fact she has gone through a terrible disappointment from a long time love who had proposed to her already and were a step to the altar when he broke the engagement.

I wonder if she really should be taking the decision of walking down the aisle right now or if she should do a rethink maybe. Letting go of the past, getting to heal properly , before taking the BIG step or am i the one who is just being too lovey – dovey insisting you must be in love before making such a decision which is a life decision if you ask me. Please i need your opinions.

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The Nigerian Factor!

As I drove down the supposedly newly tarred road last night under the rain, I hit bump after bump, on a road tarred not up to a year ago and I wondered to myself why we would have to go through this time after time. The Nigerian Factor I mean!

Our greed and selfishness makes us fall below world approved standards. Not because we cannot meet such world standards but because of  a high sense of greed. Imagine the suffering and incovenience we are going through in my area presently, having to take longer alternative routes and sometimes having even to leave private vehicles behind and take buses to work as road construction is being done presently all in the hope that soon the roads will be motorable and it will be to the good of us all only to have the contractors carry out a job that will serve us and in a few years we are back on the same slate. Not fair!!!! Just because they want to fill their ever hungry pockets things are done the wrong way and tolerated by saying “Ah! That’s the Nigerian factor now!” Whattttttt???? I thought our new motto or our rebranded self is “The good people of a great nation”?

We cannot be the good people of a great nation without changing our consciousness and mentality. We cannot be the good people of a great nation if everything in this country will not work. Not because we can’t make it work but because we want to continue in our mediocrity and are not willing to change, are not willing to improve and most especially because we are too SELFISH!

Countless times have I encountered one form of failure or another why trying to make a call from my phone after loading card units and problems like network failure and all what not is ascribed to it and before you know it the call unit is finished! A poor service rendered for money paid! Don’t even try calling the customer service help desk! You will be kept on waiting for nothing less than fifteen to seventeen minutes and the reception is not always pleasant. I have only had a good reception once and this is not an exaggeration!

Problems using the web with an already prepaid modem for browsing like the one that my brother paid for which is supposed to run from 9pm to 6am in the morning which is nine hours. You are lucky to get it to run for four hours hitch free for you! Not fair!!!!

We groan, we complain and are unhappy, we put suggestions in the “SUGGESTION BOX” placed on a corner of the buildings, we send mails and yet these things happen and are overlooked.

Day after day we wallow in mediocrity. A great nation full of people who should do us proud. Outside the shores of this country we see Nigerians making a mark in their different professions.

How long do we continue like this under the guise of “It’s the Nigerian Factor”? How long would we look on askance and things move from bad to worse? If you doubt me look at the records of the Olympics from previous years to present day which is the just concluded “London 2012”

We’ve grown into a ridicule of ourselves and I suggest we stop calling ourselves the giant of Africa. A giant doesn’t fall. He crushes “little” men as he makes his way to the prize.

Wake up Nigeria!!!!!

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An endless spin

Maybe time rolls out
Too fast
Moments pass on too quickly
A target to be met
A goal to be accomplished
A task waiting to be done
Minutes and hours
Flying in leaps and bounds
We are caught
In a spiders’ web
A long spin
Running to nowhere.

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Life after Engagement….

Whoever said been engaged was the end of all troubles and tempatations? Lol (I can’t laugh oh). All of a sudden all of my admirers, chikers and toasters have resurfaced from God knows where and i have someone who has been dangling in and out, in and out and not really sure of what he wants kind – of guy calling me at all sorts of odd hours. Imagine being called at 12.07am in the morning just to say hi! Or 11.37pm just to call me”Anit! Anit!”. Seriously! No joke! So much so that i have contemplated so many things in my mind if i should just walk up to him and say in a harsh voice “Please, don’t call me at odd hours anymore” or if i should continue on my silent mode approach where i just put the ringer on silent as soon as his call interrupts my sleep. I really, truly do not know! I think i need advice on this because on the other hand he is a customer who i do not want to drive away except its really gone beyond normal.
A little of running around and endless calls on the phone with my mum as we talk on marriage venue and wedding theme. Who is to be invited and who is not, getting to know my fiancee as we stumble on each other’s toes and i say to myself “He’s so annoying!” and the other minute we are back in each other’s embrace and am wondering how the good lord has blessed me so and when i hear that marriage is full of ups and downs, highs and lows, its not a joke and am not even married yet….LOL!
But the good far outweighs the bad, the joys pass you through the not-so joyous moments and i saw on a friend’s BB message that if you want the perfect man that will sing you to sleep, pamper you as if your feet shouldn’t even touch the ground that you should wait for Jesus Christ because he is coming soon. LOL….True talk!
I am really smiling to myself as i write this because i found out that life and experience truly is the best teacher!
Keep smiling, be bright and cheerful! Till i come again on the blogsarena….
Peace!!!!…..I’m outta here..XX

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I’m sooooooo “officially” engaged!!!!!!!!

i got engaged on saurday the 14th July 2012 and did it come as a surprise to me? Oh yes it did even if he had been making some snide remarks prior to my travelling but that is not a proposal in itself and i have never been proposed to in my life before.

Well, well, well…. I had travelled for about ten days of which we chatted frequently and spent time on the phone talking. Not so long as usual but we made up the lost time by chatting.

He came to the airport to pick me up and we went first to my house to drop my things andthen to his. He had a shy smile on his face as he kept urging me to go and take a bath  so i could rest and i finally obliged him.

I had soap on my face so i couldn’t see him when he came in and i screamed out when i opened my eyes and saw him on his knees and he started telling me how he loved me, how i am the best woman for him and in my heart of hearts i said ” He can’t be proposing”. This didn’t seem to be the right place or time but i was there smiling and laughing at the same time with my mouth open in surprise till he said “Please now, answer me so i can get up”. I smiled and said “Yes!”

This is my beautiful story with a man i have come to love and see as a friend, brother and confidante. Imperfectly Perfect but just fine!


P.S – I sent this photo to my friend in the UK and she says the engagement ring should be on the “ring” finger that is the finger before the “pinkie” finger but then that’s the way we do it here. I googled it and she’s right though but then, much ado about the “right” or “wrong” finger. Lol! I’m good, i’m happy, I’m blessed and proud.

May the lord who has done this beautiful thing, do the same to you singles out there.

Love, hugs, kisses, blessings…..XX

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